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Published On: January 6th, 20224.5 min readCategories: Career Advice, Study tips, Trends
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With more and more people looking to increase their marketability, especially through workplace performance, there is an increased interest in online courses. Whether you want to improve your professional knowledge or just want to indulge in some new hobbies on the side, free online courses can help you do just that. Let’s take a look at what you should look at when considering taking a free online course, and highlight some of the free online courses we offer at iQ Academy.


How to know what free online courses are worth it

Free online courses are also known as MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses) and it’s natural to think if something is free, can it really be worth it? Think of it this way, free courses are a way to get insight into a particular field of study without having to pay for it. It’s great for those looking for insight into a particular field before deciding to enrol in a more intensive course or qualification. More often than not, free courses cater to all by offering video lectures and engaging interactive content. The ability to access course materials at any time makes free online courses a great option for those who lead a busy lifestyle and are interested in dipping their toes into further education. That being said, there are a few things to look out for when considering taking an online course that’s free. Let’s take a look at them below.


What to look out for when selecting a free online course


Benefits of doing free online courses

Great way to keep up to date in a changing environment

In today’s ever-changing world with so many new ways to get things done, free online courses often bridge the gap between studying something in its entirety, to succinct knowledge on a specific topic. 

Ability to increase your knowledge

Sure there are tons of resources online to increase your knowledge on a particular subject, but how many of them allow you to have a completion certificate that you can add to your CV? Not only are free online courses taught by educated professionals, but they’re also available for you to finish at your own time, and give you a completion document. 

Learn a new skill

During quarantine in 2020, many people found themselves reevaluating what they do for a living. Perhaps you’re looking to upskill yourself or explore the idea of a different career path? Free online courses allow you to explore a chosen topic without having to spend anything on it.

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What to expect when taking a free online course

While the advantages of taking free online courses far outweigh the potential downsides, it’s important to remember that these types of courses aren’t equivalent to a certificate or a diploma. Let’s discuss some of the points to keep in mind when thinking about taking free courses online.

Course length

Often free online courses aren’t too time-consuming, but in order to soak up all the value offered, you’re going to want to have an idea of how long the course is so you can make sure you’re partaking at regular intervals.

Impactful and exciting

Needless to say, just because something is free, doesn’t mean you have to take it. Make sure what you’re enrolling in is something you’re interested in, something that you know you’ll use and perhaps even study further.

iQ Academy offers free online courses! DO Life is a series of free online micro-courses developed by iQ academy and offered to all registered students for free. We wanted to share the opportunity to learn with our broader community too, so we’ve recently made a limited range free to the public!

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