iQ Academy students share their lockdown study tips

Published On: April 22nd, 20203.2 min readCategories: COVID-19, Study tips

We recently surveyed our students to understand how they have been coping during the COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdown. We, as iQ Academy, wanted to know how we could improve our support during these times of uncertainty.

One of the key areas that our students wanted to know more about was tips on studying during the lockdown. We thought, to encourage togetherness and collaboration, we would ask our students to share their study tips and advice for peers!

From fellow student to student, here are a few study tips from iQ Academy students to help you through these last few days of the lockdown.

On staying positive and focused:

  • “Stay on course with your vision, focus and eliminate negative thoughts, positivity is what will keep us moving forward.”
  • “Take all the time you need and focus on your studies, Covid-19 will pass, we must not let this stop our future.”
  • “Study harder no matter the covid-19 pandemic, stay indoors, be informed and never give up, as education is the key to success.”
  • “Use this time wisely with your studies because time wasted is never re-gained”
  • “Just stay at home, don’t panic and study very hard, cause it is you who’s going to benefit at the end.“
  • “Stay at home use your time to study and make notes of the assignments where you find the question very difficult and take this opportunity to better ourselves for a better future “
  • To keep calm, everything will work out. Trust the faith that you guys have. Complete your studies online, and be proud, as long as we cope, some of us who cannot cope. Never hesitate to reach out for guidance with the study process and asked if need help. I wish you all the best with the journey that IQ Academy has giving us to be at our best and giving us the opportunity to be the best in our progress. Thank you guys, am so far very happy with the service IQ Academy was giving me and they come along way with me through my journey to complete my short course. All the best and stay home safe, we can beat this virus!! Good luck and God Bless you all!!!

Using this time to prepare and get ahead:

  • “Students must make use of this lockdown period for studying because June is just around the corner. The sooner they get done with their assignments and prepare for exams so that when things get back to normal they are ready.”
  • “This is the good time to finish all assignments and digest studies better to be well prepared for the upcoming exams”
  • “Use this period to catch up and study as much as you can. If you have been studying, rehearse to test your understanding. Complete your assignments 2. Don’t wait for last week of the assignment due date. Don’t forget to pray and be thankful for God’s grace in your life.”
  • “Watch more videos on related topics it’s much more easier when preparing for exams. We also have a WhatsApp group and teaching each other and learning from different points of view makes it a lot more easier

On finding a routine:

  • “Make a timetable for yourself to study and live by it.”
  • “Make question papers & answer them.”
  • “Surround yourself with silence, even try sitting in the yard where family won’t disturb you. Take productive breaks. Eat healthily.”
  • “Create a new schedule for your studies and stick with it, I personally prefer studying at night because it is so quiet and peaceful.”
  • “Create a dedicated study space plan your time be organised use communication tools to your advantage stay actively involved in your studies take care of yourself.”

We hope these tips have been helpful!
If you’d like to share any of your tips with fellow students then feel free to leave a comment below or on our Facebook post.

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