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Published On: November 28th, 20193.6 min readCategories: Study tips, Trends

Online learning has reimagined the way we as people are learning. Educational content and knowledge can now be easily accessed anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection. In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, online learning is becoming a major part of both formal and informal education. It is providing new solutions and access to a broader spectrum of student who was previously denied the opportunity due to finances, time, or geographical location.

For millennials, the digital world is largely a place that feels like home. This is the generation that spends a good portion of their time staring at their smartphones, taking selfies, and loading them on Instagram and tweeting their opinions. It’s the social media generation.

If you are slightly older and not so adapted to the digital era, you may find the idea of online learning slightly intimidating. You may feel a bit of apprehension when choosing online learning as a mode of study, and this is entirely natural.

We at iQ Academy have made it our mission to make education as accessible possible and that goes for our new online courses as well.

Online learning with iQ Academy is made easy and here some reasons why you should be excited about studying online with us:

  • All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection and you are ready to begin! Our iCan platform and courses are easily accessible through a laptop, PC, tablets, or most smartphones. This means you can choose how and when you want to access your course work.
  • All our online courses come with clear instructions that guide you in what you need to do to access your course. Start by logging on to the iCan student portal, open your course, and you will find clear and simple instructions on what to do and how to navigate your online course.
  • Our online learning provides different ways to learn instead of just listening to lectures. Content and learning materials are provided in different formats such as eBooks, readings, videos, or presentations. Activities take the form of quizzes, assignments, or portfolios. You do not need to worry about missing classes or losing textbooks as your course is always available online.
  • While you need data to be able to engage with your course materials, you will also be able to download the study materials, save it on your device and go back to it when you have time. That is why we can truly say our learning is flexible.
  • A Tip to access the full value of your online experience is to use public Wi-Fi hotspots or asking your employer for access to the internet at work. This will save you on data costs.
  • All your assessments are completed online, and you will not have to post or email your assignment ever again. Your result will also be made available on iCan when they are released so you won’t need to enquire or follow up.
  • Should you have any questions or anything that you don’t understand, remember that you have dedicated tutors who are always ready to help you. Consult your tutor for anything that you may not understand by utilizing the messaging function in your iCan portal.
  • Our online courses do not follow a strict schedule that requires you to study at a certain time of day. This allows you to schedule your study time when it is convenient for you and fits into your life’s schedule.
  • You have the flexibility to plan your studies to suit your needs, but we also provide you with a course schedule on where to start and how to set your pace so that you keep your momentum and don’t fall behind. If you stick to the guidelines that are provided for, you will find that your study experience will be optimised.

These are just some of the ways we are innovating making online learning accessible to all generations. It is time to adopt technology and enter the world of digital possibilities. There is really nothing to lose and everything to gain, so go for it! At iQ Academy, we are committed to connecting you to digital possibilities.

If you are interested in doing one of our online courses, visit the iQ Academy home page and follow the direction to our online courses page and our digital marketing courses.

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