South Africa’s Most In-Demand Skills

Published On: December 13th, 20182.1 min readCategories: Career Advice, Trends

In their renowned annual report, Career Junction highlighted some major skill sets that are most likely to be in the highest demand for 2018. With the year well matured now, there are no surprises regarding these skillsets having become even MORE in demand as time marched on. Anyone addressing this question at an early stage certainly does have the advantage in terms of informing a highly viable career path locally. Especially should you currently be deciding on higher certificates or even business short courses to push you towards your goals. After all, you’ll want to make the most out of all the very best employment opportunities out there. Here are the MOST in-demand skills to consider:

Software Development It’s no surprise in this digitally dominated world that IT-related skills are in high demand. However, developing innovative, user-friendly software has become incredibly competitive and proficient individuals are highly sought-after. If you’re thinking this might be the path that most appeals to you, then a good thing to note is that Java and C# developers, in particular, seem to be most in demand at present.

Financial & Project Accounting Project financial planning has become a highly valued skill set for many different types of business activities and enterprises. The process of determining project costs and developing a budget is essential to making smart decisions and these professionals are treasured partners. If you think you could be passionate about estimating profits, reducing financial risks, and planning for unexpected costs, then this highly valued career path could be for you!

Cost & Management Accounting In South Africa, skills shortages are rife when it comes to the realm of cost and management accounting. The financial skills required, such as accounting, financial management, auditing, and investment analysis, are all in very high demand across a range of industries nationwide. These are not being met by the current graduate market, so if this appeals, you’ll have little competition.

Business Analysis Finding professionals who can identify business needs, determine solutions to intricate business problems, as well as improve processes through strategic planning and policy development, is rare, to say the least. If you’d like to become a business analyst, you’ll be embarking on a career filled with adrenaline and excitement, sprinkled with a great deal of travel. What do you think? Contact us if you’d like to discuss your career options within these fields. We’ll have you on your educational path to an in-demand skill sector right away!

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