The Soul of the Matter – take care of your soul this Easter

Published On: April 2nd, 20192.3 min readCategories: Personal well-being

It’s Easter time and many of us are going to take this time to travel, whether you are on a trip with friends, or to see family, or you are devout worshiper on pilgrimage to honor the meaning of Easter in your faith.

Take Pause and DO Complete Well-being

Holidays give us pause out of our daily routine to fill needs other than the basic needs that we hustle for every day. We stop to fill the needs of the soul.  Life is about complete well-being. That is why at iQ Academy we are all about education that expands your world and gives you more choice. Along with that, we have made it our business to provide our people with tools that help them DO LIFE in a wholistic way through the DO LIFE Courses that are a free value-add for all our students and staff. DO Complete Well-being this Easter.

Discover the Inner Man

  • We all want to live a life of significance, we want to be a success. Success comes with making the right investments. Investing in your education to get a business qualification or studying a business short course to increase your skills is a great way of investing in your future. An often-underestimated place of investment is the investment that one makes into their inner man.
  • The importance of recognizing the inner man lies in the fact that the locus of your power comes from the inner man. Your emotions reside in this place, that is how you process what happens to you in life. Your will, your creativity, your ability to take risks, transform yourself, and to transcend are all powered from the inner man. Your ability to commune with God begins here too.
  • I want to propose to you that part of that secret to joy in life begins with understanding that you are primarily a soul. So many of us live just to fill our physical needs but pay no mind to our inner man beyond saying a perfunctory prayer before bed.

Tending the Inner Man

  • The problem is that so many of us live in complete unawareness to the state of our inner man, and then we wonder why we get stuck, why there is no deep and abiding joy in our lives and why we cannot overcome?

So, this Easter, take pause, investigate what the state of your inner world is. Listen to the needs of your inner man.  Make space for the things that nourish your soul. If your inner man is wounded, seek healing. If it is weary, take the time to rest. Nurture your life source this Easter and you will find the strength to transform your life. 

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