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The importance of human resource management as a support activity in business cannot be overemphasised, because the recruitment, selection, training and compensation of employees will affect all levels in the business. The issues that are important in terms of this activity will include the following: How effective are the human resource management procedures? What is the level of employee motivation? What can be done to ensure a quality work environment?

Modern businesses view human resources and their capabilities as the main contributor to successful strategy implementation and building a competitive advantage.

Therefore the purpose of this course is to not only to equip students in the human resource field with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently contribute to the success of their employer, but also for general employees, supervisors and manager who want to improve their people management skills. Although this is an introductory course, we still strive to include comprehensive content on labour legislation, labour relations, recruitment, selection, induction, motivation, reward systems, training and development, staff retention and performance management. Furthermore the course will build students skills, through the use of practical assessments that prepare students for the workplace with the use of real work case studies and scenarios.

Course Type:

Business Short Courses


Human Resource Courses



Course Payment Plan:

R455 x 24 months

Course Duration:

Maximum duration of 24 months, however average time for completion varies from 12 to 18 months

Course Objectives:

  • Ensure an adequate supply and pipeline of appropriately qualified staff through sourcing staff and building the future supply of the right skills to meet the needs of the organisation.
  • Create a learning culture and environment that enables optimal individual, team and organisation learning and growth in both competencies and behaviour.
  • Ensure that learning and development is a catalyst for continuous improvement, change and innovation.
  • Link performance management to other HR processes to align appropriate performance consequences that attract, retain and motivate employees and to address poor performance.
  • Measure progress against individual and team objectives that enable attainment of organisational objectives.
  • Implement a fair and equitable reward system and process that is ethical, cost effective and sustainable.
  • Provide a framework for conflict resolution and collective bargaining where relevant.
  • Ensure compliance to relevant labour legislation.

Entry Requirements:

Grade 9 (Std7) and at least 16 years old with the ability to read and write in English, the language of instruction.

Assesment Method:

Students are required to complete and submit one assignment per module. The pass mark for each assignment is 80% unless stated otherwise within the assignment instructions. There are no written examinations for this Course.

Course Employment Field:

Course Modules:

 This course comprises of the following modules:

  • Module 1: Workforce planning and staffing
  • Module 2: Employee relations
  • Module 3: Performance improvement and management
  • Module 4: Reward Management
  • Module 5: Learning and development 


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