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Student Support Services

Student Services

The Student Services is the central point for all queries relating to student accounts, delivery and portfolios or assignment administration.

Support by friendly consultants who are on standby to assist students via live chat, messenger, email, or telephone.

Support hours are Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 18:00.

As part of iQ’s digital support technologies, students  can use the self-service USSD tool to see Academic, Account, Banking and Registration information.

Academic Support

iQA seeks to create a rich learning experience for its students. We are committed to shortening the “distance” in distance learning by being accessible to all our students.

The primary point of academic support is our online student portal which is called iCan. iCan is a great way for students to conveniently view course content, interact with tutors, and take part in learning and other interactive experiences. iCan is conveniently accessible 24/7 from smartphone, tablet or PC.

Tutors are also accessible through telephonic and email support from Monday-Friday 8h00-17h00.

Student Retentions Team

iQA has a dedicated student retentions team who formally welcome new students when they enrol. The team orientate students with iQA and with the structure of their selected course. Follow-up MMS is sent to students when they receive their study material to outline the contents of learning materials and encouraging the use of resources like the Student Handbook and Module Study Guide.


The Logistics Department ensures that study packs are delivered timeously to new students. Our objective is to have study material delivered within 14-21 working days after first payment.

We offer the ability to track the progress of deliveries online via our couriers’ tracking website.

Quality Control

Our QC department is responsible for enhancing the quality of all non-academic services. It performs quality control on student application and enrolment processes to ensure that students are properly enrolled. The QC department is guided by our Quality Management System (QMS) and aims to ensure consistent excellence in service delivery throughout our institution.