Project Sponsors Career

Published On: December 19th, 20181.3 min readCategories: Career Advice

The Project Management Course available through IQ Academy can set you on course to become a Project Sponsor, as well as enjoy a successful career in project management. You are given two years to complete the course material in this business short course, although most students are able to finish their studies within an 18 month period. Completing this course will allow you to take on various roles within project management, as well as positions in sales. There are four modules that need to be completed, offering insight into management as well as covering all of the knowledge and skills needed for managing a project. Project Sponsors have tremendous responsibility on their shoulders, as they are usually accountable for the overall success of a project. The Project Sponsor must ensure that all of the agreed business benefits of a project are delivered, and will act as the representative of the business. This person must champion the project, which includes selling and marketing the project as well as proving guidance to the Project Manager. This person will oversee the launch of the project as well as ensure that key goals are met through the various phases. Any changes to the project must come through the Project Sponsor, while the overall structure must also be laid out and monitored. Resolving issues or conflicts must also be done by the Project Sponsor, who will oversee the overall quality of the project. If you are interested in becoming a Project Sponsor, talk to a consultant at IQ Academy today and they will discuss how the Project Management Course can assist you.

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