Recruitment Consultant Career

Published On: December 19th, 20181.3 min readCategories: Career Advice

IQ Academy offers a Human Resource Management Course which is perfect to assist you in starting a Recruitment Consultant career. This business short course covers management, industrial relations and people management, as well as training and development. The course can be completed over a two year period, but many students are able to finish their studies within 18 months. The Recruitment Consultant can play a pivotal role in helping a business thrive, as they are responsible for sourcing the best possible candidates for any job at the company. A Recruitment Consultant will either work for any agency that services various businesses, or in-house at a specific company. The person who takes on this role will need to analyse job descriptions and understand what is best required to fill the position. You will then need to filter through various CVs, profiles and databases to find the candidates that best meet the criteria. This can sometimes include independent research to ‘headhunt’ professionals who may already be in high-profile positions, and not actively searching for a new position. Once you have candidates, you will need to prepare them for interviews and provide a clear understanding of what is required, while also acting in the best interests of the company to assess whether or not the candidate would be suitable. This role is best suited to somebody that has good communication skills as well as the ability to think analytically. Computer skills will also be essential. Contact IQ Academy today for more on how the Human Resource Management Course will aid you in starting a Recruitment Consultant career.

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