IQ Academy introduces iCan, our online student portal

Published On: January 29th, 20191.8 min readCategories: Announcements

iQ Academy was really excited and proud to launch our very own online student portal in October 2015. This portal is called iCan and is a web-based platform that is enhancing our students’ learning experience with us. IQ Academy is a distance learning provider and we are committed to ensuring that our students feel supported and enriched whilst on their study journey with us. Using technology and introducing platforms like iCan will help us to achieve this goal. iCan has not replaced the printed study material and assessments. It is an additional platform that allows our students to really enjoy the course and it is helping them to progress effectively. It does this by allowing students to engage with their tutors online and to access additional academic information and content.

What can our students do on iCan?

  • View information about the course they are studying
  • Access the course study material that has already been couriered to them
  • Participate in academic activities, such as discussion forums and quizzes
  • Chat with their tutors and fellow students on iCan
  • View academic information, such as results
  • View administrative information, such as outstanding fee balances

What do our students need to use iCan?

Students need internet access and a valid email address to access iCan. We send students an SMS with their login details which they must then use to access iCan on a PC, laptop or smartphone.

What must our students do when they receive the SMS?

  • Go to and log in using the username and password provided in the SMS
  • Follow the prompt to set a new password
  • Confirm their email address and cell phone number
  • A pop-up screen will then display an overview of the course
  • After reading the course overview, the student will be taken to the Home page
  • The student will now be ready to start exploring the portal

If students need assistance or are unsure of anything relating to iCan, they can use one of the following support options:

• Consult the “iCan FAQ’s” document

• Message their tutor through iCan’s messaging functionality

• Email IQ Academy at • Call us on 086 111 50 54 

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